Learning stage

I tried to learn Python many moons ago but for whatever reason I never really took the step to learn the language.

Recently I decied to give it another go.

Mainly because I am interested in Data Analytics – I spend a lot of time perusing Kaggle and even though most of what is said there feels like I am swimming in an ocean of jumbled letters, I cannot stop myself from going back and trying again. I especially love the competitions – of which I cannot even begin to get a grip on. But that says something in itself. Most of the time I feel like I can barely understand the code that is written and yet I can’t stop going back. I usually give up way before now.

Which brings me to python. I have been working my way through learning the language using Data Camp and recently I purchased the book: Python Crash Course. After installing Python and working through the examples in the book ( I am not that far into it yet) I felt the need to install things like numpy and pygame. And then the world opened up and swallowed me whole. Hours were spent alternately surfing the internet while trying different ways to install those two items. Until finally I figured out that :

  1. I had to assign the Path variable
  2. I had to place the downloaded files (.whl who knew that a wheel file existed?) in the same folder as the pip file was located
  3. Don’t forget to install the Pip part too
  4. And then open a command prompt and navigate to the folder where the pip and the numpy and the pygame were all located and then
  5. Run pip install pygame (use the wheel file 32 bit doesn’t matter if you have a 64 bit operating system) and Pip install numpy
  6. And then Import numpy as np while using the python shell..

All of this because I am using windows. perhaps it’s the same process if using Linux? Perhaps I should try that next…

File this one under Python; you had me at Hello World.

I awoke early yesterday morning and heard a group of birds signing outside the bedroom window. I couldn’t recall when I last heard the birds singing their tune. I know they have always been there, every spring especially. I can’t say for sure why I hadn’t noticed them in such a while. I can say that I am feeling closer to the me I used to be. It’s been a long ride and I am finally, surprisingly, not unscathed of course, seeing the other side.

And I can hear the birds sing in the morning again.

And it’s annoying when trying to catch those last few minutes of sleep.

And it’s wonderful all at the same time.

It’s in the Genes

For quite a few years now I have been researching my family tree and developing an avid interest in genealogy. What I find fascinating, or one of the things I find fascinating is how our genetics can move us toward likes and dislikes, and how the world we live in can turn on certain genes within us, or not turn certain traits or desires on within our genetic makeup. For instance a person who may have a genetic makeup which predisposes them to the possibility of becoming an alcoholic would likely never know that if they never took a drink of alcohol.

Well Something like that anyway.

I am fortunate there wasn’t a wall built to keep people out when my ancestors migrated to the United States. I do not understand (nor will I ever understand) why so many want to keep others from leaving a place that is not good for them, and allow them to come to the United States where they can make a new and better life for their-selves and their families. I know my Ancestors left their homes way back in the day in search of something better. It is not my right nor desire to hold someone else back from doing the same.

Always put your mask on first

What I have learned, or what I am learning again, or maybe just wrapping my head around is how we all have our limits of things we can deal with. I know it sounds simple but really it isn’t. It isn’t simple because no one knows when the time will come and they will reach their limit. When it will all become too much, Or when they will decide to let it all go. People can get knocked around by life many many times and still find a way to stand back up and face the day. But for each person, there is the last straw, the one that breaks the camels back. For each person, there is a point to where they cannot keep moving forward. When I think of this I am reminded of what the flight attendant tells passengers during the oftentimes ignored pre-flight instruction. You know the part right? The part where he or she tells everyone to put their oxygen mask on first, and then help others.

We have to take care of ourselves first if there is ever a chance at helping anyone else. And that means if life is throwing us a curve knocking us down, or if life is blowing our dreams apart and our tightly wound ideas off track, or even picking apart our inner selves, well then we need to find that thing that we can do that puts us back to center. And we need to do that thing, or things whatever they are, every chance we get.

I know it seems simple. I know we like to think that only the weak or unprepared fall prey to life’s unexpected twists but the truth is everyone can be pushed to and over their limit. So with that in mind, remember to always put on your mask first.